Has Adam gone?

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Oh dear. A lot of us, myself included, seem to be posting less and less but it's a real shame if he's deleted his entire account.

Was looking forward to winding him up with Lib Dem related bantz this coming election.


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Another reduction in diversity of the forum, which, I hardly think is the objective?


Neither do I. They are usually all blocked, at least the ones who fail to actually add a feel of content.
Sometimes, mainly always to my detriment, I do click 'show content.


As you may have noticed I have by and large mostly fûcked off from this particular forum. Keep it up, you're getting there.

I hadn't actually, because unless you quote me, as you have just done, I am totally unaware of your presence.

Not that I paid you much attention anyway prior to clicking ignore under your username, given the anodyne nature of your output. In fact, if it wasn't for the unmerited conceit and pomposity I would have left you as you were.

But I take exception to being blamed for Adam's disappearance. I'd suggest that if one's opening gambit to a new poster whose political view is slightly, but not diametrically different to one's own, is to call them a "pr1ck", then you can't well complain if the new poster responds accordingly.

I'm amused at you attempting to blame me for your perception that posters are leaving in their droves. As I recall, when I arrived most of the content was jowwy calling AndyRM various iterations of bumboy, and TC being bored off the forum by Aurora. Actually you left that thread too, citing Aurora.

I wish you well, but can I just ask that you actually leave and leave quietly, rather than these attention-seeking fake flounces, even though, I have to say, it is entirely within character.
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