Telegraph and Express. Your Whopper of the day.

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Telegraph Politics branding is startling.

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It's definitely A Thing.

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Wooper of the day.
"Get ready for Boris 2.0"

Just to help, the Guardian linked to the archive of the quickly deleted promotion attempt for their loyal employee.

Quite a shame the comments do not get archived too. They are a laff.


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I really do wonder about their motives. Daily Express accuracy.
Oh - just buy Private Eye. Their motives are usually financial. They used to publish regular puff pieces for both China and Russia for example in return for cash, and just pretend they were news.


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The world has gone crazy.
The Express and The Mirror both have headlines supporting the nurses strike.
The Tories must be worried by that.


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Sunak is none white so that part explains the Express. Also as a populist, abandoning the losing side does happen, if only for a very short while.

Apart from the wish to cancel all citizen rights, I cannot quite work out the motive for the refusal to discuss with the our great clapped ones.
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