The Dishi-Rishi thread....


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Could be a sign they think the Tories won't win next time. Might be people standing down who think they have no opportunity for higher status jobs under Sunak. Could even just be that they want to return to their original more lucrative professions, or are hoping to cash in on their government experience with very well paid jobs in the private sector before they are too old.

I'm not reading anything significant into 13 Tories standing down, it's probably a mixture of several things. I wouldn't want to be away from my family for half the week for years on end either.

Crispin Blunt's going though so that's good.


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Find me a government that hasn't....
Fair point, let's rephrase that to Gove was very effective at taking Blair's academy bollards to its logical conclusion.


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Gove got/is getting divorced if I recall correctly. I reckon he needs the dosh a big ex ministerial job will bring.


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Sunak "absolutely shocked" that Mone would whore herself for so trifling a sum as £29million.
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