The headlines today...

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Ian H

Johnson's speech to the CBI as reported by various papers.



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No mention on the Beeb...
He really does have the look of somebody losing his grip.

PMQ's last week were a shambles where the Speaker had to reprimand him for failing to answer questions and trying to divert by asking them of Starmer instead.

Following the disinterment of Starmer's work for/proposed consultancy with legal firm Mishcon de Reya his wordplay of Mishconduct would have been mildly amusing if it hadn't been (a) irrelevant (b) groundless and (c) contrary to the rules of the House.
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Peppa the Pig, vroom, vroom.

Top stuff.

It will only add to, not detract from, the cult of Boris's personality.
Odd coming from you Paley,the self professed wordsmith.... But whatever floats your boat I guess 🙄

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After embarrassing himself at COP26 by quoting the muppets what made him think the CBI would be impressed by Peppa Pig?
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