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A fun place to post links to pointless news stories.

So here's mine for today...

This just in...
Wealthy elderly woman with viral infection expected to take it easy for a bit until she feels better.

Well, perhaps, not quite as wealthy as she was, after bailing out one of her offspring. But, I get your point, lead item on National News, much more important than these trifles like Ukraine, Flooding etc etc ;)


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I'm gonna suggest that regardless of your views on the monarchy, this news does have constitutional significance.


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Thankyou for starting this thread about our much-loved monarch's health. And for keeping it up-to date!

(Any chance of giving it a more sensible name? Just a thought, don't want to be any trouble ...)
I'd intended it to be for any pointless news story, it's just the Queen that is generating the most pointless ones at this juncture.
Also, I don't think we have the power to change the title?
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