Tories head towards being a 'reclusive cult?

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The issue isn't that it is a private or public conference. It is the admission charges which could go up to £880. They want the press there, clearly. But they want them to be charged for it, which is unprecedented in the world of "free press".

A letter in protest signed by 300 news organisations and including those from US, France, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia really puts us in an isolated bucket when it comes to this. For an isolationist, i reckon this is an exciting development...

If , which it is, it is a private event, then the organisers can charge what they like.

The press may desire to be there. They have no more right to be there than you or I

There are 2 distinct issues here

1. It is a private event and the organisers can determine who attends and what the costs are. The press have no right to attend at all. If they do not like the costs, then stay away and do not publicise the event. The only losers will be the political party who will not get the publicity they need

2. I have already said I think it is a crazy decision by the organisers as it will only have the effect of reducing the publicity they get and as such they will lose opportunities to influence the public.

Whether or not it is a sensible decision, it is one that the event organisers have every right to make.

The press are only bleating because they are being asked to pay.


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Perhaps Boris Johnson could be prevailed upon to arbitrate this.
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