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Reading around the chip
Ah, the Why Can't We All Just Get Along thread, edition #2,756.

Rusty Nails

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Nice try FF, but pointless.

When I go for a walk around our local park there are signs warning about feeding the ducks but people still come around feeding them with bags of cheap Tesco value bread scraps. The ducks know it's going to happen and lap it up, the feeders enjoy it because it makes them feel good about themselves. Stimulus-Reward effect.

Ducks, trolls...what's the difference.


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Please can we call a truce on all the petty playground name calling and sniping? It's contaminating virtually every thread.

Might be a bit like trying to cancel a Readers Digest subscription!

Isn't this a hallmark of current culture - the downgrading of thinking and its replacement by emoting.

I get it that some may want to let off steam at those supporting the inanities of say the present govt, but attacking the person rather than their ideas to my mind indicates the absence of an argument against said ideas.

It's a sign of the times that NACA is now confined to the high security wing so as to prevent the corruption of the rest of the inmates and overloading the warders.


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I've been spending less time on here and more time doing other things, so it's not all bad.

I have noticed the absence of other posters I had respect for though, so I guess they are of a similar mind.

Yes, I noticed @jowwy has been missing for a while, and @shep is present far less often ;)


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From before my time here. Clearly just here to attention seek.

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I've generally had positive conversations with most people over the 4 years i have been on this forum. I'm generally not serious, muck about and share humour and interests with many. I try to contribute in meaningful ways on subjects to the best of my limited ability and have had my views challenged. For me that's the point. Only one or two members have only ever grated me in the way they conduct themselves and i will defend myself where necessary but for some people they are on a mission to victory at all costs. I'm not picking sides as i don't believe it to be specific to one group. Nothing is going to change, we all know this. There is merit in trying i'm sure but that is why NACA/NCAP is where it is. Banished to a far corner of a forum, locked behind another membership protocol. I have never blocked any members but i think this is perhaps another view that is being challenged and i really can't be arsed.
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