At last! A benefit of Brexit!

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And did I hear we've just invaded Poland?
That would've been less straightforward had we still been part of the EU.
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

We can't control our own borders so we'll have a go at controlling someone else's.
Priti reiterates (in effect) that it’s up to other EU countries to exercise their moral obligation to absorb all these migrants so they don’t have to risk their lives coming to the UK…
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

Anna Notherthing….
One pachyderm in the room at COP26 is mass migration. In particular any embryo of a plan to deal with the inevitable largest movement of people ever. This could start very rapidly and very soon as parts of the globe become uninhabitable. Yes, we all know a few Tropical islands in the middle of the ocean are gonna disappear and those inhabitants will have to be relocated, but that’s just the tip of a very large rapidly melting iceberg.
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It doesn’t please me to see desperate people risking their lives.
but the amusing thing is that Brexit has done exactly the opposite of what people who voted for it were expecting.
Sorry, forgot you don't get sarcasm.
Brexit won't make a great deal of difference to economic migrants minded to cross the channel on a lilo.

They beach their boat at Dungeness and are picked up by Border Force.
They claim Asylum.
If they're found to have refugee status then they'll get leave to remain.
It they're not refugees but what you term economic migrants then where do they go?
Brexit makes it more difficult to return them to the EU as the Dublin Convention about first place of safety (though actually not that simple in practice) no longer applies.
A further host of reasons, some of which are Brexit related may make it difficult to return them to their 'home' country.

PS - did you ever see the RNLI fly on the wall thing I recommended about pulling migrants from the sea?
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