Eating dead animals - the pros and cons

Should we give up eating meat?

  • 1 Meat is murder - stop it!

  • 2 Eating fluffy lambs is wrong; stupid chickens less so.

  • 3 High welfare meat is fine. Shame poor people can't afford it.

  • 4 Bacon butties wouldn't taste so good if we weren't meant to eat meat.

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Xipe Totec

Half man, half ant... ALL TERROR!
Tricky. The human animal is a biological omnivore, and an entirely plant-based diet is ultimately unhealthy without B12 supplements which are animal-drived. Meat production is grotesquely cruel and environmentally catastrophic.

I eat meat because I am lazy, have no discernible functioning conscience and it tastes good. So I'll hope for cruelty-free, sustainable lab-grown meat alternatives to become available before the heat-death of the planet (so hopefully within the next few months), but meantime I'm a bit peckish, think I'll go kill next door's dog & eat some burnt bits of it.

Xipe Totec

Half man, half ant... ALL TERROR!
A mate just posted this on FB. Seems somehow pertinent...



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Assuming the 'NO' is we should not give up eating meat, is that not covered under by 'bacon' which in my view is a great way of wrapping other meat before barbecuing?

yeh go on i will give you that.......


Welcome yourself into the new modern crisis
My daughter would say option 2. When she went through a dinosaur phase she decided that she was a carnivore and ate pretty much meat. Recently she's obsessively into sheep and would never eat one, in fact she said the other day that she wanted to be a vegan, apart from chicken and cheese, and definitely never eat lamb. She does like ham as well though, and ice cream...

As a family we're kind of towards option 3 I guess, although like many we're probably kidding ourselves that the meat we buy is 'high welfare'. We've been fairly plant based for a while (yes I know Quorn isn't a plant). Not exactly meat free but eating a lot of veggie alternatives which I used to be a bit sniffy about but actually really enjoy. But my wife's been reading a lot of Tim Spector and fine tuning our diet as she does. We have a free range chicken every week, and the occasional good quality red meat and also red wine and dark chocolate, which is good for your microbiome. No complaints from me theee. We're not too scared of a bit of fat and sugar either and try to avoid sweeteners which is easier said than done. I suppose we cook a fair amount from scratch so that's good although we're no strangers to a portion of fish and chips and I suppose all those meat free sausages count as highly processed.

Latest dietary tweak is using different types of flour in the bread maker which is turning out quite nicely.
Assuming the 'NO' is we should not give up eating meat, is that not covered under by 'bacon' which in my view is a great way of wrapping other meat before barbecuing?
Like the whole topic it's forcing an anti-meat narrative, so no the pre typed extra negative answer is not the same as just plain no.

Mr Celine

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I assume from the thread title that eating live animals is considered beyond the pale.
I am a vegetarian. Will I fix the world by being so? No, but I have no doubt that it has reduced my negative impact on those with whom I share the planet.

I don't miss eating dead flesh and have never felt the need to replace meat with elaborate and energy intensive over-processed substitutes.


I'm not 100% sure when I stopped eating meat....but it was well over 20 years ago,probally nearer 25.It was in the days when you was a weirdo anyway.Partner and kids all eat meat,but not as much nowadays.
Sometimes it was easier than others,as in a few years in India easy....year in China nearly impossible !
Nowadays it's a doddle to avoid meat if you so choose.In fact theres not much that really temps me even.I still cook meat for my family....on the rare occasion I cook that is.
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