Poppy Day

I bought a enamel buttonhole badge or rather donated £20 and accepted one in exchange. The RBL is a brilliant charity so far as its target of ex-servicemen and their dependants are concerned. Working in another part of the advice etc forest it's good to know they're there whether for those who served or their widows etc.

The Remembrance Sunday church service, in the CofE tradition round here, was the one occasion I'd stay when my kids were in Scout/Guide movement and ATC. Twenty plus years ago there were still veterans of WW 2 able to march in a parade.

Less sure about the ceremonial stuff around the Cenotaph. My other half has droned on about it for years, like since the eighties, but I always thought that while there were still vets from the World Wars etc it seemed a tradition worth keeping. Sometime around now with the 100th anniversary or perhaps on the passing of Her Majesty would seem a good time for a review but I suspect the reality is that any such tthing would be shouted down by the usual suspects.


So soldiers injured or killed in recent conflicts don't deserve to be remembered, or have I got that wrong as well?


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Well done, have a lollipop.

She's just had the last one, sorry @shep.


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Wear one or don't...neither is disrespectful.
Then we shall TAKE BACK CONTROL!!! Who's with me?!?
I’ll bite! (Again).

i didn’t buy a Poppy this year, mostly because only came across one that I can think of and had no cash on me. I don’t frequent the right places I guess. I usually donate but don‘t wear the poppy. It’s a great charity and Remembrance is important, but as a poster up thread suggested one wonders whether a ceremony rooted in the time after WW1 is the still the best way to do this. The great wars were wars of conscription, subsequent conflicts were/are manned by professional soldiers. I’m not sure the resonance with people (especially the young) is quite the same….
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