This forum and the current state of affairs.


Can't spell, Can't Punctuate....Who care's, Sue Me
Just ignore the illiterate, fat Jaffa!

Whos a fat jaffa???


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I agree the aim is to shut the forum.

Mass ignore or mass restraint? Ones easy ones harder. I've never had anyone on ignore. I may consider it if it keeps this space alive.... For good healthy discourse.

This is now a bit serious as it has become so silly.

Besides which we haven't seen tc's duck rice yet.

Almost there


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Just coming on to this thread to punch a metaphorical cushion.


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I thought that the whole point of NACA calving off from CC was to allow the delinquents and malcontents a septic tank of their own to play in, unregulated by the nasty, bossy prefects. What exactly is the beef? Have you all spent too long in large public sector organisations and giant corporates with HR departments that indulge complaints like " Mummy, Mummy, that boy was really beastly to me"? I've never felt the need to IGNORE anybody. If they write something I really don't like I either reply, shrug my shoulders, or simply mutter " you stupid w@@ker".
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