Concentration camps and global warming

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Can't spell, Can't Punctuate....Who care's, Sue Me

Seems they have now spread widely to the UK. Myself, I might vote for a party that mandates vegetarianism in an attempt to halt , what is posssibly already runaway global warming.

shove your vegetarianism were the sun dont shine.....

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I was more thinking of practicality and near guaranteed extinction.
If your interested I recommend reading Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer.I quite liked it when I read it,in a shocked kinda way.


Can't spell, Can't Punctuate....Who care's, Sue Me
Another intellectually incisive comment.

How do you do it?

just been copying your posts, cause your my hero and i want to be like you......a tax dodger in another country, still moaning about the country i left


I am not sure how exact they are but the scientific calculation for a vegan world gave a 68% CO2 reduction.
Not exactly shifty shifting is it?
Vegetarianism isn't Vegan...I'd struggle with vegan as I like Cheese to much !
Ok hardly the point, the point is if by some miracle there woul be a party with a majority that would enforce mandated vegan or vegetarianism, the global warming issues would still be the same. Apart from the fact whether it is debateable if it such an issue as predicted.

But the main issues are caused by the amount of people not or diet and fixation on only one number, based on farking simulations intead of real life measurements.
Apart from that i do thing does mega farms are bad, i buy my eggs etc from local farmers wherever possible. (where the chickens and other animals. have the space)
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