Free Speech collides with Cycling Twitter

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Suspended (allegedly a lifetime ban?) for this:


To save me typing, is anyone else here aware of this incident? Opinions?!?


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Suspended (allegedly a lifetime ban?) for this:

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To save me typing, is anyone else here aware of this incident? Opinions?!?

I do follow her but it's the first I've seen of it.
Hearty agreement with the sentiments above. As an aside, good to see some old faces from round these parts posting on Carla’s thread.


I missed this hilarious off-line update from Hannah (posted by Carla on the same thread):

"Haha I’m really ok honest. I was always pushing my luck so it was inevitable once my account got big enough. I should spend less time online anyway, it’s bad for my brain.

Appreciate everyone’s thoughts though. It was fun while it lasted :smile: … Don’t worry I will still ..
be horrible to men who deserve it, just in real life. Please make sure to frequently remind everyone that I was very beautiful and always correct ❤️”



At the time of Tier 1-2-3-4 lockdown there was a thread on Twitter with people making humorous suggestions for Tier 5.
"Tier 5: Put a polythene bag over your head" I said, that got me a ban for advocating suicide.

On another occasion, there was a couple in the news for murdering their young son, after which a Tory MP went on with a Tweet calling for the return of capital punishment.
"Would you have seen Sally Clark hang?" I said, and that got me another ban, and for the same reason.

Xipe Totec

Something nasty in the woodshed
I think Twitter bans (at least in the pre-Elton days) can depend on the source of the complaint. My old account got locked for this - presumably because Lozza took personal exception to being likened to a front bottom:


Hard to see how the actual words constitute the 'offence', but whatever.

What's interesting is that (out of morbid curiosity) I signed up for a new account while I was on holiday last month, just to watch Twitter die. I expected it to be nuked once I started connecting from my home IP but so far it's still up. Maybe a consequence of the whole thing falling to bits under Musk. Tbf it's not much fun these days.
Yes, volume of complaints makes a big difference. Mass reporting is a common tactic to get accounts shut down. She should appeal though. Deleting the comment should have been offered as an option, joke or not. I don't follow her but it doesn't sound like it was a cumulative thing where that post was the last straw.

People post far, far worse and it either goes unnoticed or they let it pass because there are only a few complaints.
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