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Any restrictions on entry? Ie vaccination status, quarantine, testing regime?

If you're in Group A, you do not get in, unless you're an HK resident. Even then, you have to spend 21 days quarantine (way too long I agree). Group A are countries where Covid is rampant so it includes Europe/USA etc.

Flight crews have to isolate for 3 days and get tested regularly.

If you're not vaccinated, regardless if you're an HK resident or not, you do not get in.


Of course the figures are to be believed, apparently China has not many more Covid cases than the Maldives!
I don't know what you mean. :whistle:
Ssshhh… they’re listening at the door.


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Such a system does exist but it’s not the mechanism used for the recent broadcast. That was good old fashioned mass SMS via the usual systems.
Indeed. It was abuse of emergency powers to send marketing SMSes, possibly as a test for future propaganda. If it was important and they wanted everyone to get it, they would have used the emergency alert system.

No matter what you think of covid, these texts were an unnecessary intrusion. If it isn't important enough for an emergency alert, sending ordinary SMSes shouldn't be allowed using emergency powers.
they would have used the emergency alert system
That should be reserved for urgent rather than important messages. As implemented in the U.K. it only works via 4G and 5G so doesn’t have the reach of mass SMS. It is more useful for local or regional messaging.
No matter what you think of covid, these texts were an unnecessary intrusion. If it isn't important enough for an emergency alert, sending ordinary SMSes shouldn't be allowed using emergency powers.
Possibly, but I’m prepared to forgive them such a low level intrusion. When compared to the major errors of policy and judgement it doesn’t register at all with me. I don’t believe it is the thin end of a wedge.


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As I remember South Korea adopted the blueprint for pandemic response that the UK stuck in the bottom of a filing cabinet, and did ok with it for a few months. New Zealand was also quite successful initially.
Yes but it's also harder to compare with those countries as the rule of law works differently, i mean in this country you have protestors vandalizing a testing site, in those countries it would be the police vandalizing the protestors then jailing them.. Corbuyn's brother would probably be among those ''missing''
Westminster has few qualms being authoritarian against minority protests, especially where it has media backup. When the media are biased we have a problem. As individuals and communities and workplaces we have had a lot of complex needs to balance. We need more complex media.

(Note to self - must buy Private Eye)
Yes if you compare the peacefull anti-covid protest with for example the climate/xr protest the police is much more heavy handed and faster to intervene with the covid protest.
Media with always be biased, the issue is more if the balance shifts or if they start interviewing people who have a certain bias on the topic, the W.H.O. boss is an good example. He came in that position after China bought lots of influence in his country, so his error of judgement during the beginning of the pandemic and China's attempts to control the information/play down the severity etc. cannot be seen separately, i known any China lover will call it a conspiracy but at this point everything i say here can be proven.. it when you say the origin of the virus is not the wet market is where it becomes and conspiracy... because China refuses to provide enough information to prove this theory right or wrong.
In fact, many doctors and scientists here in East Asia were screaming warnings from the rooftops from the end of Jan 2020 about this virus. As mentioned, they all gave a blueprint as to what to do, going by the knowledge of the virus at that time. This was ignored.

On the old site, I posted about this and passed on the blueprint. Stock up on items, hand sanitiser, masks etc etc. This was early Feb 2020.

The way the medical community here were ignored still ranckles with them to this day. Only the Italians have come close to an apology for not paying attention.
End of January the dutch authorities send most of their masks/pe stocks to China, the then health minister said (translated quote) ''i don't believe the coronavirus will come to europe'' and then come end of Feb the first cases where reported and by the end of March most of europe was in lockdown. So Europe was unprepared no question.

But doctors and scientist screaming form the rooftops? Maybe because that's the only safe place if they are not seen and recorded by an goverment drone? I mean i remember a 30ish doctor who now has passed away being reprimanded for raising the alarm on covid?
Nobody here in HK believes the Chinese figures. :laugh:
So to get the the real figures do we have to do the reported numbers multiplied by 10x 100x or 1000x ? and how effective would you say those whole million poeple city lockdown's and mass testing events are? (if you would have more info on that, in here we just here how they claim to test so many people in a very short time. )

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What do we do about the unvaccinated who appear to be filling the hospitals?

[Anecdote alert] A friend broke her leg on a dry ski slope on the 27th Dec. An ambulance was going to be at least an hour, so she got a taxi to A&E (large city somewhere oop north). Having been admitted and assessed, she was told they'd have to operate and scheduled it for the following day.

The date quickly slipped a couple of days, then no firm date available. In a panic & in pain she discharged herself, thinking to get to he local hospital (smaller town, likely less stretched). They didn't have a bed when she got there. She was in various corridors for hours. Eventually things calmed down so that she was admitted. The op happened yesterday.

Today the place has gone into meltdown with ambulances queued up outside. She's waiting for training to use crutches on stairs before they'll discharge her. Nurses already treating her as a bed-blocker.

I have no idea how hospital staff can cope with that kind of pressure for any length of time.
What do we do about the unvaccinated who appear to be filling the hospitals?
Once they are at that stage all we can do is respond to their clinical needs.

The difficult question is about how we reduce the number needing hospital. Forced (preventive) medical treatment is out, education and encouragement seems to have done as much as it’s going to do, and removal of societal privileges for the unvaccinated is politically impossible for this government.

That’s a long winded way of saying that I don’t have an answer. Sorry. Anyone else?
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